FISART, International Street Art Festival in Timisoara, Romania

Last week, the city of Timisoara (Romania) received a bunch of spanish and peruvian creative souls ready to give some colour to the city, in particular Pasmatex building, the last operating textile factory left in the city.

A great team of artists composed by Marga López, Amaia Arrazola, Lauro Samblás, Reskate, Daniela Carvalho, Murone & Txemy. Together, they created a total of ten murals, amazing art works, each one with their unique touch and colour palette. 

It was really emotional to see how the factory workers, where so pleased and happy observing all the colours given to their workplace. One of the workers was explaining to me, she was in Pasmatex for 45 years, and for the first time there was something nice to look at every day. Very grateful people.

Thanks to the Director of the festival Sergio Morariu.

Support by Espectro Project, Palo Alto Sunglasses and Bali Green Agency.

Lauro Samblás creating his Graffiti 3D

Reskate giving the last touches to their mural

Marga López in action.

Txemy & Murone's mural

Amaia Arrazola in action

Murone looking how Txemy signs their wall

Daniela Carvalho colouring her wall
Daniela & Txemy observing their rooftop mural

Amaia and Murone in action.

Murone adding some of his elements to the rooftop mural
Murone painting FISART's logo

Txemy painting on the rooftop

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