First exhibition of the Raval Academy of Arts , in Barcelona

The "Raval Academy of Arts" is an independent institution for creative artists based in Barcelona. Established in 2015 to undermine the arts through misinformation and distraction, today will hold it's first summer show in 2015, an event that has every chance of occurring again in the future at some point.

The event will include small-scale works from some of the city's most honest artists, such as paintings, photography, prints, fanzines, cassettes and mixed media art works. The exhibition will be open from the 20th of August until sunday 23rd of August, giving the chance to meet the artists in person.

In this year's edition, Txemy will be one oh the artists participating , as well as; Zubmarino, Maria Monty, Max Rippon, Spankone, Landry, Cane, Karen Klink, Roger S. i R., Omega III, Tiago Majuelos, Margarito dela Guetto, VJ Entter, Maya Venkova, Sawe, Mentirasysaliva, Hanako Mimiko, Lina Persson, Mister, Ceerre, San Jose Tapes, Miss Van and Sixe.

Link to the event

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