Bali Green Agency at the 10th Asalto Fair

Last weekend was the 10th edition of ASALTO International Street Art Festival in Zaragoza.
Bali Green Agency had the opportunity of exhibiting many original artworks, screen printings and limited edition prints of all our artists.
In this year's edition, Murone participated painting a huge mural cose to the city center, see some pictures below.
It was an amazing weekend, a great Art Fair with a lot of interesting and curious spectators looking for that unique piece they had in mind. It was very satisfying to see everybody enjoying all the art works exposed in Asalto Fair. Also, the space where it all happened was very special, giving the event a unique touch.
Bali Green Agency wants to congratulate all the team of Asalto Festival, for this amazing experience, thank you!!

Murone's mural for Asalto Festival

Some photos of Asalto Fair and the Team:

Asalto Festival TEAM!

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