Spectrum Project by Txemy, colouring the streets since 2019.

Colouring the streets since 2009.

Spectrum project is generated by the observation of the paint dripping from the canvas, paper or mural, while Txemy is creating his art. It's a "break" of all those art pieces full of meaning and with a strong concept behind, of those paint strokes apparently with no sense.

It's a way Txemy continues to express all his creativity, but in a different way. Each Spectrum is a reflection of one of his artworks on canvas o murals. That's how it gives meaning to it.

Detail of  "150-01"

Spectrum on canvas:


Spectrum on wooden canvas:

Polaris I

Polaris II
Polaris III

Spectrum in murals:

Txemy & Daniela Carvalho, Barcelona 2015.

Murone & Txemy, Bilbao 2015.

Wynwood's heart, 2013.

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