Hiroshima by Txemy # 2 is the second part of the mural that the urban artist Txemy made for one of the exterior doors of Hiroshima last September, Hiroshima by Txemy: La primera danza
Txemy working on "la primera danza" , september 2015.
Now, the story continues at the other main door of theatre. In this case to create the story of  the woman wrapped by an eagle, creating the first movement of contemporary dance; now, another icon came on scene, in this case a male.
In all Txemy's pieces,  the character's meaning appears when you have an overview of the context. That is why his murals have a lot of sense.
This time, after being in Miami, Canary Islands, London.. it's Barcelona's turn again. 
The presentation will be today, friday 29th at 21:45 , Sala Hiroshima . C/Vila i Vilà  61-67, Barcelona.
See below some pictures of the process.

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