La Canariada Fanzine I

Under the name of "La Canariada" Fanzine I, a word for something typical from the Canary Islands.

Canary Islands-Catalonia, a long distance separates these canarian artists who left behind their island looking for new opportunities , new experiences, to grow and absorve everything the city of Barcelona generates every day. 

Islands are places related to beaches, sun, warm weather, good vibes and even if that's true, there is also a waste of great talent and creativity in many different artistic aspects, that are materialized in Barcelona. That's why there is no better place to present their first fanzine, with their warm accent and good vibes in these cold days.

Next friday 5th of February at:

19.30h, Miss Kleckley Store

C/ Robí 26, Gracia.08024 Barcelona

Marcos Cabrera, Judit García-Talavera, Lauro Samblás, Iker Muro, Laura Perdomo, Amalia Márquez, Octavio Barrera, Dani Millán, Dani Station, Sergio Villalba, Jean Basualto, Ana Delia, Ampi Aristu, Viva la Frins, DosBcnStudio, Alberto León, Christian Rosillo, Yapci Ramos & Txemy.

Dj. Karina Hossack

The app EYETOK  will be live streaming for everybody around the world.

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