Presentation of FISART Street Art Festival's Book

It's already been almost a year since FISART 2015 happened, the 5th Street Art Festival in Timisoara. This Rumanian city located in the west side,  becomes part of this cultural event pretending to motivate the populatino to accept every time more Urban Art.

With the idea of giving a radical turn to the festival, this edition, Txemy became part of the direction team of the Festival, as artist and curator, and Bali Green Agency as producer bringing 9 artists from Barcelona, an eclectic group where illustrators, visual and paint artists, graphic designers and photographers were part of the event.

Amaia Arrazola, Daniela Carvalho, Marga Lopez, Javier de Riba y Maria Lopez de Reskate Studio, Lauro Samblás, Iker Muro, Txemy together with Karina Hossack as Bali Green Agency's director and Daniel Dick as photographer, they where the artistic group in charge of living, acting and renewing Pasmatex, a half abandoned textile factory that accepted the event.

The book will be presented by Txemy as curator and artist part of the team, and Bali Green Agency. Also Reskate Studio and Amaia Arrazola will explain some details about the experience from the inside.

Friday 19th of February at Miscelanea

c/Guardia 10, 08001 Barcelona 

Link to the event.

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