Murone, Lauro Samblás and Txemy in Les Tres Xemeneies

Last week Murone, Lauro Samblás and Txemy chose two of the murals next to "Les Tres Xemeneies" in Barcelona, to create a collaboration piece mixing their different styles.
The first wall "Without You", combined Txemy's unique brush strokes and Lauro's neon geometric shapes collages, creating a symbolic art piece where you can perceive a different reaction depending on your point of view. Either a reconciliation or separation.

A few days later, Murone and Lauro began a second wall. This time adding Murone's galaxy elements giving some prespective to the wall. Together both murals have a great visual impact to the neighbourhood of Poble Sec, Barcelona.

Lauro and Txemy

Second Mural creation:

Lauro and Murone

Lauro Samblás

Murone and Lauro


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