Marga López

Born in Barcelona, Marga studied Fine Arts, Design and Communication Strategies. She's a graphic artist, illustrator and muralist, always sharing the production of personal projects with commissioned work. 
Since 2008 Marga has been working as a freelancer graphic designer, collaborating with several clients such as Audi, Google, Converse, Quiksilver, or Ray-Ban, among others.

Working on materials such as paper, wood or cotton, her artwork turns into some sort of two-dimensional goldsmithing, due to the use of extremely fine lines and deft detail care. Illustration and graphic design come together in an overlapped system of frames, organic geometries and repeated modules, attaching great importance to typography. 
Usually working both, by hand or digital, depending on the request. It is drawing with ink on paper what Marga enjoys most, but every day she likes more the use of her digital drawing tablet, due to the levels of detail and accuracy that she can achieve with it.

Artworks by Marga López