Murnau Den Linden

“Latin and Hispanic worlds are like a punch in the nose. It suddenly gets your attention. It startles you” says Murnau Den Linden (moniker for Eduardo Lindes Burnao), who draws inspiration from that region for his paintings.

Eduardo, an Spanish graphic artist currently living in London, loves to explore the Latin American and Hispanic culture. Also, we can feel some echoes from the Western European areas and Nordic Countries about folk traditions in his art. “That’s why I use primary, basic colors because I want people to be shocked by the paintings as deeper folk traditions do”

The strongly inspired imaginary of London-based painter and illustrator Murnau Den Linden evokes Southern hemisphere traditions and myths and meet the 21st century Western world. His paintings of vibrant colors, often set in a dance with deep darkness sensations, are accented with and underlying sense of mythology and modernity. These works are painted in the style of Mexican old muralist masters coupled with a magical realism rooted in folk and colonial traditions. His is a genuine voice that echoes from an inner world where ancient civilizations meets with jubilation and imagined characters from magic, sea worlds, contemporary culture and ancient roots.

Murnau Den Linden in his studio.