Sergio Villalba

Sergio Villalba was born in the Canary Islands, raised by the seaside starting to surf when he was only 9 years old. Even though at that time there was no surfing media/magazines, he used to feel the necessity to capture the moments every surfer lived underwater.

When he was 18, Sergio moved to Barcelona, where he had no time for surf but he learnt a lot about photography shooting in dark and smoky jazz clubs. After a few years he moved back to his hometown.

Nowadays, he's part of We Visual Studio, dedicated to the creation and production of film and photographic projects for use in commercial, editorial and advertising fields. Specialising in Sport, Lifestyle, Travel / Location and Tourist Promotion campaigns.

Arts by Sergio Villalba

Sergio in the dunes of 'Maspalomas' Canary Islands 2015.